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what's in the bag, otis?
what's in the bag, otis?

//Hand-operated elevator at the Gladstone Hotel. (Canon 30d)

Otis Elevators are still one of the major elevator co's around here, but this is certainly one of their discontinued models.  Restored and glowing, it's one of the only hand-operated elevators left in the city.  Brings back memories of a night a couple years ago when working CBC tours and my boss got stuck in an Otis elevator with 20 panicked ladies.  Hilarity (and DRAMA) ensued.

NEWS/THANKS:  Thanks to everyone who came out to the Circa exhibit and book launch last night!  It was an absolutely incredible night.  About a hundred attendee's came and went over the course of the evening, making it a bit of a circus but definitely a night to remember.  I just hope our dear bartender gets to sleep in today! 

No, I don't have any photos quite yet - as I agreed to put my camera down for the evening and rely on a couple friends to take snapshots.  I regret it a little now as I would have liked to take a photo or two, but I was too busy enjoying all of your company anyhow.  As soon as I get those snaps, I'll post a link. 

Again, thanks to everyone.  I'm nearly sold out of this batch of books.  Will be putting in a fresh order. 
If you're interested, you can order via

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