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all dressed up for no one.
all dressed up for no one.

//gorgeous statue at the Mandarin in Etobicoke. (Canon 30d)

Wherever she came from, she was gorgeous and comdemned to a life holding up decorative soy sauce at The Mandarin Chinese Buffet in Etobicoke.  Everyone whirls around this statue, too busy being shameless gluttons to even notice her there.

I wonder if the owners would be willing to part with it... how much cash to save her?  Maybe we can raise the cash.  Seriously.

EXHIBIT:  I already mentioned this yesterday, but again, thanks to all who came out to the book launch on Saturday.  It was a bit of a circus but still incredible to see all your wonderful faces. 

I don't have many photos of the evening, but I've tagged what exists on flickr... HERE.  If you have photos from the event, tag them "CircaBookLaunch"!

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