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through the looking glass.
through the looking glass.

//bending over for self-portraits at the Come Up To My Room exhibit at the Gladstone hotel.

This was another of my favourite exhibits at the Gladstone this weekend.  Just seeing the marvel on people's faces as they navigated this white walled and mirrored space was a delight.  Lots of digital cameras snapping away in this room.  An alternate version of this shot is up on Flickr.

NEWS: I've been so busy the with Circa over the past couple weeks that I hadn't noticed the 2007 Photobloggies Finalists announcement... and, well, it seems you've all been busy nominating! ;) 

DoubleCrossed is a finalist in all these categories: Best Canadian Photoblog, Best Writing, Best Black & White Photography, Best Photojournalism, Best Toy Camera Photography, Best Street Photography, and sure enough, Best Kept Secret.  Whether or not we take home any titles, I'm blown away by the love and affection.  Thank you and *welcome* to the hundreds of new visitors and subscribers who've come along over the past couple weeks.

2007-02-27 // Categories: [Bizarre]  [Black & White]  [Events]  

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