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sing for your supper.
sing for your supper.

//The Canary Restaurant in Toronto.

With a wild snowstorm taking over the lives of Torontonians yesterday, I was fortunate enough to have a roll of lomo photos back from the lab... and not one frame of blizzard on it.  This photo was taken a week or so ago and isn't cropped... it's actually the last frame on the roll so it didn't get a full frame of exposure space.

I would love to spend a breezy summer's day perched on my father's wooden ladder, paintbrush in hand, restoring this old tin signage.  I would do it for the love of a restoration, and, of course, the chance to take a few more photos afterwards.

p.s. For those who came here hoping for some icy photos -- I've got a couple for you on Flickr.

2007-03-02 // Categories: [Retro]  [Rust]  [Toronto]  

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