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kick you to the curb.
kick you to the curb.

//Steph practices kung fu as Georgia takes flight a la Supergirl.

Last night, I joined friends at a cafe for what was to be a laid back night.  The plan was to relax (which my messed up ankle would appreciate) and chat.  8 hours later, I was still out. 

It was 5am this morning and as I limped up Yonge St, the girls were getting a little delirious from too many homefries and coffees .  When we hit Toronto's busiest intersection, the bizarre quiet of Sunday morning stopped us dead in our tracks.  Taking advantage, Georgia ran out into the intersection (something never possible during the day) and soon Steph joined her.  Seeing a police car, they skipped innocently back to the sidewalk, but didn't stop laughing or jumping around... so, of course, I whipped out my camera for a little flash-fun.

Here's to silly sunday blog posts.   More on Flickr.

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