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Patricia Schraven's room.
Patricia Schraven's room.

//The artist in a room of her making at the Gladstone Hotel's, "Come Up To My Room" Exhibit.

It's 7am, I'm heading to sleeeep and I haven't even transferred the photos from yesterday out of my camera. *yawn*

This ones comes from the recent archives.  It is from the Gladstone set I posted during the last weekend of February.  I came across the portrait yesterday morning while filing photos and realized I hadn't posted it here or on Flickr for some reason.   The artist, Patricia Shraven, is from Buffalo, NY and she creates custom furniture, designs and the wonderful pieces you see here.

Happy International Women's Day.  In case you missed it, it was a lovely sunrise... 
(I'm definitely not going to be up in time for the rally and march at 11am.)

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