lights offlights on
that radio pattern.
that radio pattern.

//staircase of a building on Bay Street near Dundas, in Toronto.

Visited this building to do a radio broadcast with fellow blogTO'ers.  Was hoping to stop by when the lobby wasn't as grimey, but who knows when/if that'll happen, so I'm posting this hipshot anyhow.  It was snapped on my way out.

Unrelated: For those who missed it yesterday, I've put together a YouTube playlist of behind-the-scenes videos from various shoots.  They are up on Facebook as well.  As I come across more footage, I'll be posting it there so you can see a bit of what goes on... which is mostly just ridiculous behaviour and a lot of laughter.

2007-03-12 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Noir]  [Toronto]  

the way the light falls...quiet contrast.that radio pattern.step into the light.Patricia Schraven's room.