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portrait of an artist.. as a teacher.
portrait of an artist.. as a teacher.

//me and the zebra stripes.

This photo was not shot by me... a doublecrossed first.  It was taken by Georgia after her impromptu first lesson from me on using the SLR camera.  Once we had finished a couple hours of photos with her (see yesterday's post), the girls insisted I step in front of the camera... and so, a nervous and excited Georgia was briefed on how to shoot manually.

For the technically curious, her setup is a 50mm prime lens set to auto, my 30d in manual mode and ISO 800.  Adjusting shutter speeds as she went along...

She did a fantastic job, and there are more Zebra series photos are now on FlickrWho's next?

2007-03-15 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Noir]  [Portraits]  

the art of time and black and white.a hopeful wait.portrait of an artist.. as a teacher.the way the light falls...quiet contrast.