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a little extra somethin'.
a little extra somethin'.

//Sadie's Diner on Adelaide West & Portland, in Toronto.

Tempted by an offer of free pie and wanting to try somewhere new, I decided to head over to Sadie's yesterday for a little Easter brunch with friends (as today is going to be alllll family).  Didn't really take 'em up on the pie, but did sink my teeth into some big blueberry buckwheat pancakes.  Hoo.

Above are Georgia fixing up her coffee with the "moo-cow creamer" and Steph adding pepper to her veggie lasagna.  More photos on Flickr.

2007-04-08 // Categories: [Food]  [Toronto]  

more than one.'cause cheap is how I feel.a little extra somethina bun(ny) in the oven.gloomy friday.