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three legs and the sun in my eyes.
three legs and the sun in my eyes.

//Crosswalk at Bay & Queen through a cafe window.

Today was filled with unexpected moments... both good and bad (and obnioxious, actually).

Like an impromptu meet-up at a Rosedale tea place that struck me as a perfect spot for next week's blogTO/NPost review.  We ordered up panini and over-priced teas and a couple photos in, I'm told with a much-too-happy grin that there are NO photos allowed.  Fine. Camera down. Review over.   I sit down, a little thrown off, and get to chatting, take a couple photos of my friend's baby boy and then as she leaves, I turn to Georgia and raise my camera -- in our now daily portrait ritual -- after all, I came out to take photos.  Just as she strikes a pose, I'm interrupted by:

"Actually, you can't take any photos." 
Georgia looks up and replies, "Not even of EACH OTHER?" 
"No sorry." 

I mention that my initial reasoning had been to write up a review, to which the barista reasons back that they don't want any attention and aren't doing any "publicity" right now.  She then asks for my card and says she'd give me a call when they are ready for me.

I had to fight back the urge to channel Alicia Silverstone and respond, "As IF."

A few hours and many kilometres later, I'm on my way home at 12:30am.  Sitting on the streetcar, I'm listening to music with freshly broken headphones (another story!) and notice, in the corner of my eye, a guy, kicking back in a pair of seats, tapping his feet in the exact same rhythm I'm tapping. I pretend not to notice. He watches me and follows along til I'm gone and I remain genuinely surprised he didnt muster up the courage to say 'ello.  Perhaps I was saying something very 'come hither' in Morse code.

NEWS: Join me TONIGHT at Brassaii (461 King St W) in Toronto for the opening of the Contact Photo Festival & the blogTO Constructed Image of Toronto exhibit.

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