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skyward climb.
skyward climb.

//Climbing trees in Elora, Ontario.

If this image is too large for you, you can see a sized down version on Flickr.

Yesterday's road trip to Dundas, Ontario soon turned into a trip to Fergus, Elora and Hamilton with no shortage of surprises in between.  We also stumbled, quite by accident, upon the now near-famous abandoned streetcar that has made so many T.O. photobloggers albums.  A little mystery revealed... I'll have more from the trip over the next couple days.

p.s. If you're wondering from yesterday, I picked up a stack of old glass plate negatives at the antique market.
(And Georgia bought me a Polaroid, "Swinger", the most 'modern' cam in my oldies collection)

2007-05-27 // Categories: [Nature]  [Portraits]  [Travels]  

chrome finish(ed).the answer, my friend...skyward climb.cruisin' sun.