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give me shelter.
give me shelter.

//woman hailing a cab outside Fran's Restaurant on College Street.

Yesterday was one of those hot summer days in the big city where there is no air - not for breating nor for cooling you down. You walk outside and it's so humid that the air around you feels absolutely motionless.  Then, mid-afternoon, that all changed to high winds... a nice relief... until 4:59pm.  Then the sun suddenly disappeared and out of the darkness came the rain.  Serious rain.

As I sat in the window of Fran's after work, I watched people outside give up on staying dry in an effort to just keep from blowing away.  They scurried here and there, trying to get out of the storm, one option being the dangerous attempt to stop a cab whose driver could barely see you through the downpour. 

Myself, I'd only stopped for a coffee, but since I had all my gear with me (nevermind some new suede shoes), I got comfortable and ordered up some dinner.

2007-06-09 // Categories: [The Streets]  [Toronto]  

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