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photography drive, closed.
photography drive, closed.

//The abrupt end to Photography Drive in Toronto.

(cross-posted from  Photography Drive is a west end street that leads to the old Kodak plant.  It closed in 2005, but had been in operation since 1913.  The plant itself sat on a big piece of property off Black Creek Drive and I grew up seeing it by night, on my way home from my aunt's house in Vaughan.  The KODAK sign shone all night and their oversized LED display blinked the current time and temperature.  It always feels like something's missing from that drive now that the area is dark.

The buildings are being demolished so last night Stephanie and I decided to finally see what Photography Drive is like.  We turned off Black Creek, drove a short distance and came to this sight before the overpass that leads to the plant. 

It actually seems fitting, as I'm bringing my Canon to the service centre in Mississauga today after a week and a half of malfunction.  The shutter appears to be dying, but it's gotta go one more round this morning as I'm shooting the Kidsummer festivities at the CBC Broadcast Centre. (fingers crossed) I'm cancelling some work and I'll be shooting some film 'til I get it back. 

(This photo, was shot on my old Nikon 8800.)

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