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scrabble sins.
scrabble sins.

//laying down scrabble pieces under dim lights and neons.

Needing a computer break, I let dinner with friends turn into a late night¬ rule-flexible-scrabble game at the Lakeview diner.¬ In this photo, Caitlin and I watch as Steph¬ proudly lays¬ out the word "SINS" with the few letters remaining.¬ For the record, that blank chip is a V, as in VEX. Really.¬ ¬ (Shot on my little ol'¬ Nikon 5000.)

Unrelated: As you've probably noticed, I've changed the design of the blog a little over the past couple days.¬ The last piece to go was the calendar navigation that once sat under the photo. I kind of liked it but felt it was distracting.¬ If anyone misses it, let me know. ;)

2007-08-16 // Categories: [Black & White]  [Noir]  [Objects]  

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