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smokers crossing.
smokers crossing.

//pedestrian in the frame on Queen St West.

Very bad news from Canon yesterday. They've charged me, but didn't realize it and as such haven't done any work on the lens yet as they were waiting for approval -- yet didn't call me for it. As for the camera, at first they didn't have record of it, but once we tracked it down I learned it's on hold as they don't have the piece they need to fix it in stock. When? No estimate. It took weeks and me phoning them to find this out.

Now I'm looking to buy a used 30D this week to have in the interim of what looks like a long delay. I'll be selling it once they get their act together and send mine back. Very disappointing. Very. If you have a shoot scheduled with me, fear not, I'm going to try and get the other cam soon. We'll be in touch.

Nikon, this would be a great time to sponsor me.

Unrelated and happier thoughts: It's all about mashed potatoes over at blogTO.

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