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dancers in the dark
dancers in the dark

//troupe of dancers on the corner of Bloor & Brunswick in Toronto.

Leaving a cafe late last night with my new Canon 40D (yes, it's true!) I turned the corner to find these guys dancing the night away -- a perfect opportunity to test the new camera at high ISO's (3200 in this case). Sure enough, though it was a bit of a noisy image, the quality was actually pretty decent, and I was able to capture the action without ever having to fire a flash. For the type of subjects I tend to shoot, this camera is going to be a fitting companion.

If you're wondering, I received the cam in the mail yesterday (ordered it from a London shop) and yes, Canon STILL has my trusty 30D and lens. No one seems able to explain why it hasn't been returned/repaired. Imagine that back when I brought that camera in to them, the 40D hadn't even been announced to the public yet.

UPDATE: Thanks Luke for letting me know that these are the Morris Dancers, an English folk dance group.

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