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car wash funeral.
car wash funeral.

//the demolition of the Queen West Car Wash.

As the gentrification of Toronto's Parkdale neighbourhood forges ahead, another familiar sight vanishes from the streetscape to make room for pricey condo towers. This photo was taken from the window seat of the Cinnamon Girls cafe as I watched the Queen West Car Wash be clawed to rubble.

I recently came across a journal entry from my late teens where I planned out my future in Parkdale - a spot where I could afford to set up a studio (for music, not photography, then) and create the work so desperately wanted to. Today, I sit waiting to move into a studio space I bought quite a ways north of there... as I couldn't afford anything decent in poor P'dale. I would never have imagined then that it would get so ridiculous.

2007-10-31 // Categories: [Rust]  [The Streets]  [Toronto]  

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