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Holga's ghost.
Holga's ghost.

//Stephanie, mingling with the camera ghosts.

The talented woman in this photo deserves much praise from me today as she spent the better part of the night inhaling toxic resin fumes for the sake of my artwork. I'm preparing a few pieces for a show this weekend (details below) and thanks to Steph, I'll have 4 of the feature Circa photographs glossed over and ready to go. She's gone to sleep with a bit of a headache, so the least I can do is dedicate today's post to her.

UPCOMING SHOW: FD+STUDIO Gallery 1 will bring together 13 artists, ranging from photographers of various styles to graphic artists and illustrators to fill the walls of this fantastic new space. Artists include: Franco Deleo, Joyce Mosby, Blair Prentice, Lee Travaglini, Jessica Tjeng, Chris Travaglini, Conor Williamson, Robyn Waffle, Jason Rocca, Slavak Smigiel, Travis Hopkins, Shelbie Vermette and yours truly.

The exhibit opens Saturday, November 10, 2007 at 6:00pm and runs through November 17th. FD Studio is located at 1315 St.Clair Ave West.

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