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you're not going to die - this time.
you're not going to die - this time.

//Hearse, parked atop the Davenport hill.

Walked way too far yesterday... just to get home. It started with an innocent walk to the next stop because the bus wasn't coming. Hours later, aside from a short subway ride, I've walked most of the way from Front & John St to Davenport & Lansdowne... and there I am, standing in the snow, socks soaked, no bus in sight, and face to face with the Davenport hill.

At that point, I could hear my dad's sarcastic commentary in my head, "C'mon, Miss Muffet. Get moving. You're not going to die - this time." I trudge my way up to find that the only car parked atop the hill is an old black hearse. I laugh as passersby raise an eyebrow.

2007-12-18 // Categories: [The Streets]  [Toronto]  

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